• Tea can only be shipped in the United States and ships within 24 hours of order, and will arrive in 2-10 business days (though some actually get tea the very next business day).


  • Currently, due to unreliable postal services, we are unable to ship any items to Mexico, South Africa, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Guatemala, and Afghanistan. To get around this, many people get a mailbox in the United States and we can ship it there. You pay their monthly charges at this point, to forward any products directly to your private address. There are many options available online, and many of our clients do this for everything.


  • Please note that due to reduced prices, the non-consumable items may take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to arrive. We have no control over customs, so please note things may move a bit slower during holidays. Things can arrive quickly though too, it depends upon customs and so many variables.


  • Shipping timeframes vary upon the destination, but tracking information will be provided.