Do you Have Returns?

Absolutely- but only if item is defective or wrong item was sent. Please see our Return Policy Page for exact details. Please note, in the event you received a defective item, kindly let us know in 7 days so we can hold the manufacturer responsible and replace or refund your item! 

Are Bathing Suits good quality?

Of course, but some are much more detailed and this adds to costs.

Are these teas guaranteed to make me lose weight?

Everyone's biochemistry is different BUT these are the EXACT SAME formulas that have been used by the ancients for thousands of years to lose weight, increase longevity, and heal all kinds of maladies. If you like more scientific proof, please go to the Mayo Clinic or the Cleveland Clinic websites, to see these are tried and true ingredients for REPRESSING THE APPETITE, infusing massive doses of antioxidants (which fight disease), do not alter your metabolism, are not diuretics,and are completely safe. There's also an ingredient in the Bikini Tea that's a wandering vine called GynoStemma Pentaphyllum that's phenomenal for health and is what the ancients credited for living well over 100 years- some are even legally documented to have lived over 200 years. It's also a tremendous aid after going through chemotherapy. 

Are tea's safe?

Yes- all teas have been tested and analyzed by the FDA. They are 100% organic, and go through a 14 Step Patented Process for purification. They are the only manufacturer in the world to have won awards for 'plant molecular extraction".

How many doses does 1 box of tea contain?

Each dose is portioned in a sachet and there are 2 per box. Some people only drink one every day, some drink 2 a day, some start out at 2 a day, go down to 1 sachet a day, and some people only drink them every other day.

How do I use teas?

Just add hot or cold water- tea dissolves instantly. If you like it weak add more water, just be sure to drink the elixir in 24 hours. Sachets are also convenient to transport to work or for camping or travelling. Just pop a sachet or two in your wallet, purse or backpack and Voila! Instant tea.

What if I don't receive item?

DON'T WORRY! All items are tracked and you will be provided the tracking number.