The Secret World of Our Tea

Tea is like liquid sunshine that heals the cells

Spending several years working in Japan, I learned the sacred history of tea. It is more than a drink, but a healing ceremonial elixir that works on a molecular level. Tea was a major component in all ancient cultures pharmacopoeia.

In ancient China, green tea mixed with jasmine flowers was a medicine ancient science called “A gift from the gods!” It was used to help all maladies, and even the scent of green tea blended with jasmine flowers was known to calm the nerves, enhance focus, dissipate depression and regulate the heartbeat.

Things have finally come full-circle

It made no sense people in the West didn't have access to the highest quality teas, so for decades I waited for technology to improve- and unexpectedly this award winning tea took over in the East. So, I started the smallest tea house on the planet to bring it to the West.

0ur Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea not only possesses that kind of magic, but has the exact same ingredients (though nuclear enhanced with quantitative blending) that have been used for thousands of years as an appetite suppressant, and as a healing modality from everything from migraines to helping with focus.

"Green Tea blended with jasmine flowers creates a phytochemical cocktail that places it ABOVE a super-food!"  The Mayo Clinic

Bikini Tea has a rare strain of a vine, gynostemma pentaphyllum, which cannot be agriculturally cultivated and has been chewed on like a beef jerky by people in the Far East for thousands of years to increase longevity. The Cleveland Clinic has researched this ingredient and found it has anti-inflammatory properties that not only fight disease but regulate and protect the homeostasis of the body. Oolong tea, the main ingredient in it, is another potion that has been used to suppress the appetite for thousands of years, thereby helping the body naturally lose weight. The special combination of other ingredients such as lotus leaf and cassia seed, also add to the potency that represses the appetite- but doesn’t alter the metabolism.

People in the West lead busy lives, usually running out the door to get somewhere. So we distilled the tea into tiny crystals, put them in small sachets that are hermetically sealed, so the drinker only need add hot or cold water whenever they get to their destination.

Many of the modern teas people rave about alter their metabolism, so within a week of drinking them people look down at their scales and shriek with delight that they have actually lost weight! Not exactly. Besides possessing diuretic capabilities, some teas primarily fiddle with your inner chemistry by revving up your metabolism. Once you rev that up, you must keep drinking their tea (which the body will eventually become immune to), thus altering your metabolism becomes a very slippery slope,

Sadly you will flip the biochemical switch that triggers “starvation-mode”.


Since primal times, famine was a common occurrence where there was no food to be grown, hunted or found. When the body goes into starvation-mode, it holds onto every morsel it can find- making lost weight come rolling back- as well as adding another 20 pounds in case it must endure starvation  again. That puts people into a diet-cycle-of-despair, where weight seems to glob on just from breathing sheer air. Aware of this, our teas work with the ancient concept of making the body feel full, shrinking the stomach and making it so you want to eat less, thereby losing weight slowly but surely.  

In some popular diet teas, there’s an insidious chemical. A Class IV controlled substance called Sibutramine, now illegal in most countries. Under rotating names it’s often snuck into “diet teas” because it can be disguised- unless scientifically analyzed- and dramatically suppresses your appetite. It has been outlawed around the world because it causes heart attacks and strokes among other debilatory issues.  

Any random green, oolong or hibiscus tea suppresses the appetite- but ours go through a 14 patented system making it 14 times more effective. We are the only tea in the world to have won awards for plant molecular extraction, by breaking down the plants cellular walls, thereby intensifying everything nature has to offer. There are no fancy bells and whistles; no slick gimmicks and no slights of hand- just enhanced ancient natural recipes that help you naturally lose weight.

When we first brought our teas here to America, the FDA confiscated it and said we would not have to go to jail if we let them destroy it. Aware our teas are pristine, and grown in ancient tea beds as well as produced in a prestigious ISO22000 facility, we had the FDA scientists analyze it. If there were any illegal substances in it, we were firmly warned, we would immediately be put in jail as well as pay a hefty fine.

The FDA conducted thorough molecular tests and discovered our teas were 100% natural, organic and safe. We were now given the stamp of approval and allowed to import it.

Our Beach Bunny Slim Detox Tea is made out of a recipe ordained in ancient Egypt by King Tut who ate a lot of rich foods and had his healers concoct a tea out of the bright, pink Hibiscus flowers that grew around his kingdom. He loved roses as well- and this ancient detoxifying remedy was formulated. King Tut also declared it an aphrodisiac, which to this day some still purport when they drink the tea…..

When you buy one of our three teas, and any other item also sold on our site, some of your money goes far and wide to help the innocent beings among us.

We pay for a portion of these elephants watermelons.

 We feed over 200 starving children in Guatemala, 200 in Ethiopia; we help paralyzed veterans and various animal groups that are in the United States.  

We appreciate the time you spent reading this- but even if you don’t buy anything from our site, please pray for the starving people in the world because 9 million people a year die from hunger- that’s 24,657 people a day.

    Did you know $1. is worth $133. in a Third World Country? 

 You’d think some government would do something about this but they don’t. It’s pathetic its’ come down to unimportant people like us. Anything you buy here- no matter how small- will make some direct impact on these souls. You can’t help everyone but at least you can help a few, and we tried to make it guilt-free for you to do something for yourself. Your small purchase goes a long way. 

 If you drink our tea- or wear our swimsuits and what to be one of our pin-up testimonials, please send us photos! We want to show you off! You can be any age- we don’t discriminate. Send us a well-lit photo and a testimonial so we can make you one of our Honey-Bunny Pin-Up’s!

Many caring people want to help but don’t know how- so we want you to help yourself and we’ll make that effort for you. Win-win. We are all set-up, just need a few people to help us. Hopefully together we can bring a bit of support to those who just need a little support.

It’s GREAT you’re living a fabulous life….    


But while doing so, why not help him with his?

Just help yourself by drinking the tea– we’ll do all the rest.

Thanks for learning a bit about what we do- we hope by making you look good we can help make others feel good too.