Gorgeous skimpy, Brazilian micro bikini. Light blue or dark blue delicate flowers, complimented by strings that wrap around body and chest. STUNNING BIKINI!
Stunning skimpy, Brazilian bikini with delicate light blue flowers and strings that wrap around the body. STUNNING BRAZILIAN BIKINI!
GORGEOUS STUNNING BRAZILIAN BIKINI with dark blue flowers. Complimented by strings that wrap around breasts and torso.
Back of Brazilian string bikini, very skimpy thong that still covers backside.

Sexy Micro Bikini Set with a Cheeky Brazilian Thong IF YOU GOT IT FLAUNT IT! ;D

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This stunning micro bikini will blow their minds. NO ONE will forget you in this sexy number. It's wire free, made of nylon, spandex and polyester so it has a beautiful clingy fit. Fits true to size and has a low waist. The cut and design will make you look like an absolute knockout- just be ready for stares and jealous glances.