Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea   10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)
Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea comes in 20 sachets- one a day is all you need to suppress your appetite.
Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea   10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)
Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea   10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)

Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea 10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)

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Mermaid Mist Diet Green Jasmine Tea
  • Intense Appetite Suppressing Tea 
  • Enhances Mental Clarity
  • Calms Nerves
  • Natural Anti-Depressant
  • Maximum Anti-Oxidant Infusion due to potent Tea Crystals that dissolve instantly
  • Award Winning Nuclear Nano-Level Molecular Plant Extraction for Optimal Slimming Results (only manufacturer in the world to receive this distinction)
  • Natural, Organic, Eco-Friendly, Fast, Healthy, Safe Crystalline Tea
  • Great for any age, especially teens
  • FOCUS becomes enhanced
  • Great for Athletes
  • Considered by Mayo Clinic to be "Above a super-food!'
  • Breathing in scent strengthens heart

 Green Tea dates back to Ancient China from over 4,000 years ago, making it the oldest plant-based drink ever known to man; it was used extensively to ward off disease and promote longevity. The Ancients had an incredible grasp of botanicals, plants and herbs because it was their only medicine. They regarded Jasmine Green Tea as a “Gift from the Gods”.  

Modern research indicates Jasmine mixed with green tea creates catechins, which have fat burning properties that aid in weight loss by increasing metabolic rate. People who drink jasmine green tea tend to lose weight faster than those who don’t drink it regularly.

The phytochemicals naturally produced in jasmine green tea are called ‘polyphenols’, and are what provide anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties, which regulate circulation and heart rhythms. These attributes are why it been used for centuries to fight cancer, heart attacks and strokes. The most bioactive polyphenol in green tea has been shown to eliminate free radicals, and free radicals are what push our electrons out of orbit. 

When our electrons encounter free radicals (created by pollution such as cigarette or barbeque smoke, dust, dirt, parasites, food and water contaminants, excessive sun and exercise, drugs, alcohol, stress and even stale air in your own home) it creates ‘molecular anarchy’. Molecular anarchy is basically the process whereby free radicals push your electrons out of orbit. The antioxidants in jasmine green tea (found more than in any other food or drink), destroy free radicals, thereby allowing the human system to protect its electrons, and restore or keep peak homeostasis. In other words, jasmine green tea protects your system on a molecular level.

A PhD research scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital said on WebMD, “Green tea is the healthiest thing there is to drink.” A recent study published in the European Journal of Applied Psychology, found that inhalation of jasmine green tea produced a significant reduction in heart rate that resulted in relaxation of mood and neural activity. Jasmine green tea is also the secret weapon behind destroying fat lipids, dissolving fat absorption and suppressing the appetite.

Old fashioned tea bags steeped in water only release 10%-20% of potential nutrients, while crystalline tea captures 80%-100% of the nutritional constituents.

 Therefore, Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea provides a supersonic blast of potent healing phytochemicals that not only enhance health, but battle fiercely against the fat deeply imbedded inside the cells.

Remember you are paying for the technology of this tea- its ten times more potent than any green jasmine on the market.

If you want an even more potent tea try Bikini Tea, with keynotes of honeysuckle and oolong, or Beach Bunny Slim Teatox, a pink tea with a tropical punch taste.

REMEMBER this is an APPETITE SUPPRESSING TEA, not a magic wand, it doesn't touch your metabolism and alter body chemistry and its not a diuretic. Its a supremely healthy way to lose weight by eating less- but if you want to eat that pile of cupcakes, you can override the system since it can't hold a muzzle to your face. It will reduce cravings and calm your system and its probably the best-tasting green jasmine tea you'll ever find because there's no bitter aftertaste .

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