Bikini Tea award-winning, appetite suppressing, life-extending tea.
Bikini Tea  10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)
Bikini Tea sachets are perfect for travel and taking on-the-go! Has caffeine for that little boost we all need.
Bikini Tea- a weight loss aid-  has gynostemma pentaphyllum, rare herb that extends life and is powerful antioxidant, as well as Oolong, cassia seed and honeysuckle.

Bikini Tea 10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)

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  • Diet, Slimming, Reduces Bloating and Dramatically Reduces Appetite to aid in Weight Loss
  • Contains a Rare Vine, Eaten for Thousands of Years that Assists in Losing Weight, providing Energy, Reducing Inflammation and Extending Life
  • Award Winning Nuclear Nano-Level Molecular Plant Extraction for Optimal Slimming Results (only manufacturer in the world to receive this distinction)
  • Supports Digestion and All Systems of the Body
  • Chrystalline Tea purified by 14 Patented Technologies
  • Popular Tea in the East, over 2 Billion Cups Served though New to the West
  • Health Benefits to Numerous to List. Many Drink just to ensure their Healthy Lifestyle
  • Great for all ages, especially teens

This tea is an APPETITE SUPPRESSING tea- drank for thousands of years that's new to the USA. Analyzed and approved by the FDA. It does NOT impact your metabolism like modern slimming teas do, nor is it a diuretic (makes you lose water). Its a phenomenal aid in assisting you to eat less, making weight loss occur naturally.

Completely safe, it also takes inflammation away- and though not understood 5,000 years ago, it's why ancients in the east chewed the vine (gynostemma pentaphyllum) and lived much longer than people in other parts of the world. The rare vine is only found in southeast China, and mountainous regions of Korea and Japan. It cannot be agriculturally reproduced and is very hard to access and process. Sometimes we cannot make tea due to scarcity, and our unique recipe makes it even harder to produce. 

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, nicknamed the ‘stranded blue plant’ is actually a climbing vine that has been revered for thousands of years and taken as an herbal medication. Recent scientific research concludes it does indeed possess antioxidant and adaptogenic qualities, which lowers cholesterol & high blood pressure as well as strengthens immunity. It increases the body’s innate response by increased production of superoxide dismutase, an enzyme encoded naturally in the body that produces a gene that protects the brain, lungs and other tissues from oxidative stress (keeps the body young by creating protective shields). It does this by secreting a protein into the extracellular space that becomes anchored in the extracellular matrix, thereby protecting the scared little cell who’s constantly under attack by those rotten rascals known as free radicals.

Bikini Tea presents a patented technology that breaks through the cellular structure of the plant wall, generating a potent tea essence in the form of crystalline structures. Pouring the crystals from the sachet into a cup of hot or cold water instantly dissolves, creating a brew which releases phytochemicals more readily absorbed by the human body. Traditional tea bags steeped in water only release 10%-20% of potential nutrients, while crystalline tea captures 80%-100% of the nutritional constituents

In the USA back in the mid-1880's the average life expectancy was 41.7 years for men, 43.5 years for women. Black guys were only able to make it to 30- while the black ladies were lucky to hit 34. It was a hard life- yet in the East its recorded 1/5 of 2,500 men in the mid-1500's lived to 90 - 100+. Also note, only aristocrats were recorded, and the peasants who were the main chewers of the vine, claimed to have lived over 200 years.

Even if you are not trying to lose weight, this tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can put into your body (because of its anti-inflammatory properties). Our teas are made in a prestigious ISO Certified 22000 facility and goes through a 14 patented process to ensure absolute purification. 

The tea consists of Ooolong, Lotus Leaf, Cassia Seed, Honeysuckle, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum and Stevia Extract. There are 20 sachets, it tastes like an Oolong Tea and dissolved in seconds in hot or cold water. People love the convenience of it and the individual sachets it comes in make it ideal to pop in your purse or for travel or camping. 

Many love this tea for its appetite suppressing qualities which in the end, saves money. Its easy to skip a meal if you drink this tea or can't get to eat but wish to feel full. You're paying for the technology of this tea as well as the rare ingredient. 

You can drink one per day or two for added support, and it tastes good hot or cold. It's a superb addition to any healthy lifestyle, and really supports your system on so many levels. 

Please see About Us if you have time- your money will help save a lot of souls.