Beach Bunny Slim 10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)
Beach Bunny Slim comes in 20 pre-portioned sachets- just add hot or cold water.
Beach Bunny Slim is a perfect detox tea, natural, organic, gentle on the system.
Beach Bunny Slim sachet- best detox in the world- just add hot or cold water. Tastes like Hawain Punch with roses.
Beach Bunny Slim is loaded with antioxidants- great for slimming and skin.
Beach Bunny Slim 10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)

Beach Bunny Slim 10-20 Day Supply (depending on intensity)

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Beach Bunny Slim Teatox


In ancient Egypt, King Tut loved hibiscus tea, probably because of all the beautiful pink flowers that grew in summertime throughout his kingdom. He was a lover, not a fighter, and drank hibiscus tea as an all-around therapeutic, proclaiming it was a potent aphrodisiac!

The ancients drank rose tea as ancient medicine to heal a vast array of illnesses, from chest pain to abdominal pain, and as a mild laxative. It was also used for emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and grief. It’s packed with Vitamin C, polyphenols and antioxidants to boost your energy levels. It was also used to repair the skin and to lose weight naturally.

Hibiscus tea has been known, in more modern times, to help with digestion, immune and inflammatory issues, fight cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer and help cure liver disease. It’s also used to treat hypertension and anxiety. Originally, as expected, science refuted the thousands of years of evidence calling it “snake oil” and telling people who swore they had actual results that they were merely experiencing a “placebo effect”. However, recent studies confirm that this amalgamation of phytochemicals may indeed help lower blood sugar, cholesterol, fatty lipids, and triglycerides, as well as calm the nervous system.

Studies are still forthcoming, but for thousands of years, people drank this tea to purge their system and flood it with the vital nutrients the body craves. Let Beach Bunny Slim Teatox do its magic as you shed some pounds and hop around happily on the beach. If you prefer Green Tea please see our Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea or our ever popular Bikini Tea, they both also assist in helping lose weight.

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