Chakra Towel great for yoga, sunbathing and meditation- with fringe.
Beautiful fringe on chakra towel.
Chakra towel with fringe is perfect for meditation.

Chakra Towel great for yoga, sunbathing and meditation.

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Made of premium material, this chakra beach towel is soft and comfortable to use.Lovely tassels on each end add a festive wherever its placed. With attractive bright colors, it is perfect for outdoor activities such as sunbathing, camping, sports and meditation.Lightweight and compact, its made of "terylene", which is soft, strong and dries fast. Great gift for that yoga gir , spiritual person or anyone who meditates. Please note, if you're looking for a super absorbent towel this isn't it- thee are better choices. It does the job, however, its extremely beautiful and makes a great mat to sit on. Some like to display it on the wall as an ornamental piece of art.