The Purest Slimming Teas in the World

The struggle is real. Temptation abounds. Over a billion cups served in the Far East. Join the revolution now!

Natural, ancient formulas used for thousands of years to support your health and suppress your appetite. Safe, 100% natural and organic, these teas are the only award- winning teas in the world that have 14 patents for plant molecular extraction.

We have also searched for the hottest bathing suits in the world. Whether your a skinny bunny or a curvy mermaid, we have the right fit for you. Not found in stores, we want you to be the best beach-babe you can be.

Remember when people were thinner?

Skinny Teas, Please.

Bikini Time Teas Pin-Ups

I was the "chubby" sister.

"Thank You for picking me as a Bikini Time Tea girl! All my life I had weight issues- because I ate too much.  I began drinking Bikini Tea about 2 years ago- and now feel like a new person. THANK YOU Bikini Tea!"

I have so much energy!

"It's truly incredible how much better I feel! Mermaid Mist Jasmine Green Tea has not only erased my cravings, it got rid of  my headaches. It has changed my life! I LOVE MERMAID MIST TEA!"

My stomach was always bloated.

"I admit I never go to the gym because my stomach made me so self-conscious. I once couldn't "go" for a whole month! Beach Bunny Slim has totally taken my bloat away and my stomach has never been flatter! I walk my dog on the beach now and feel so much better with a flatter stomach!"


Slimming Teas


I LOVE Bikini Tea- its so wonderful to look forward to and really depresses my appetite. I have been drinking it now for  about two months and the reduction to my appetite has been profound. I can't  say enough good things about it."


Bikini Tea is so convenient if you lead a busy life. You can put the sachet into your pocket or bag and just add hot water wherever you go. Excellent for travelling and even camping, or if you go to an office. I had to buy extra boxes because everyone at work likes it so much. It really makes your cravings go away."

Renee S.

Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea is the best tea I have ever had. The flavor is incredible- it tastes like the kind in an expensive Chinese Restaurant. It makes you feel full the whole day. Highly recommend!"


Beach Bunny Slim is AMAZING! It really "clears you out" but it's so gentle that when you go, you really go, It tastes amazing room temperature too!"


Mermaid Mist Green Jasmine Tea makes you feel so good. It tastes so fragrant and I drink it not only to lose weight to take my headaches away. Its truly a healing tea."

Katie J.

I looked up the ingredients to Bikini Tea and was stunned to see the power in each component. I am always running around with 3 kids and this tea makes me feel like I already ate.  What a miracle this stuff is!"


I'm a pretty frugal person so spending so much on a tea isn't something I'd normally do. I have been drinking Bikini Tea and Beach Bunny Slim for almost a year- just one a day- and its made me lose almost 40 pounds. Its so easy you don't even realize you're eating half the calories you're used to. When I go out, I usually box up 2/3's the meal. I can barely eat a slice of pizza- where before i could eat a whole pie! Money well spent- plus much of it goes to charity."


Beach Bunny Slim tastes like fruit punch- it really works well! Takes my bloat away- I love love love it!"


I have come through some serious health issues and the Bikini Tea was the only thing I could eat or drink after chemo. It's so pure that when the chips are down you see what a truly phenomenal tea this really is.  I'm doing better now and have started drinking the Mermaid Mist Green Tea and I swear I recovered faster because of it- even my doctor asked me what I was doing."


Did you know 80% of weight loss comes from your diet- not exercise?


Here are some suits you might like!

I think I just want skinny teas!

Sexy Swimsuits


I've been paying an arm and a leg for swimsuits because I thought you had to in order to not get poor quality. I bought three suits here and they are better quality than any I have bought from 'prestigious' brands. 

Kelly T.

Being a curvy girl, I have been charged double just to get a cute suit. No more! These suits are so gorgeous- pluss I could buy 2 for the price of one. Flattering fit I had no idea I could look so good. Perfect! 


I love a great fitting suit and this suit is my favorite. Everywhere I go people ask me where I got such a cool suit! Even a certain celebrity on the beach in Cabo asked me where to buy it! I was high for 3 days!


WHY DID I WASTE SO MUCH MONEY ON VICTORIA'S SECRET? Never again! This is MY secret! Oh and you ladies that need a little enhancing up top, I suggest the bikini with flower petals- looks amazing on!


WOW! Excellent value, quality and I love what this company stands for! On my 5th suit and I don't know which one I love more! I highly recommend these suits and i LOVE the adorable cover-up too! ;)

LuAnne E.

It's so much nicer than I expected- my boyfriend loves it more than me! His best friend hit on me so I knew it was a winner! HA!


Awesome skimpy suit for tanning in my backyard by the pool- super sexy! 

Jilly B.

The quality is better than all my department store suits- I just suggest you buy it a size larger and you can shrink it in the dryer if you need to. 

Molly Mae

In an effort to get a flattering suit for my big mama mother I got her this white suit with a deep V-neck. I figured she'd not like it because she's so picky- but she adores it! Incredible!


Things to help you unwind...

Your brain needs 1 hour of peace to recover cell loss. Over time, if we dont relax, we age. Here are some things to help you enjoy just hanging out in a tranquil space.

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